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Summer Tutoring Update

Looking for some safe, educational fun for your kids (and perhaps yourself!) this summer?
The Tutor Shack is very excited to introduce…

Tutor Shack Online Summer Camp!

  • —COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED LEARNING EXPERIENCE – Learn what you want to learn!
  • —SAT/ACT PREP – Get the score you need to get into your dream college!
  • —PREPARE FOR NEXT ACADEMIC SCHOOL YEAR – Get ready to excel when school starts again this fall!
  • —FUN AND ENRICHMENT – Poetry analysis, science camp, music lessons, chess, etc.
  • —REQUEST YOUR OWN SUMMER CAMP COURSE SUBJECT – Ask away…we can probably help!

Our “Online Summer Camp” is a completely customizable summer program you can access right from your living room!  We will design a summer program for your kids—and even for parents—that suits their specific needs. 

Want an all-academic summer experience that includes prepping for AP Physics and studying for the SAT? You got it!  Or maybe you prefer a “fun” summer camp where you learn to sing and play the guitar while your kids learn chess and video editing? No problem. How about something in between, like a fun “science camp”? We can do that, too!

Whether you’re just looking for one hour of basic tutoring each week or a much more robust summer online camp experience, we can design the perfect program to give your summer days some balance and structure during this unique time. 

Here are some of our “Summer Camp” offerings:

  • SAT/ACT PREP – Although COVID-19 has disrupted the SAT/ACT schedule, both tests will still be administered this fall, and both tests still matter for college admissions.  Even if your number-one college has gone “test-optional,” a great SAT or ACT score will only help you distinguish yourself.  The Tutor Shack can help you stay ahead of the test prep curve!  We’ll help give your kids the confidence, motivation, and skills necessary to achieve the score of their dreams!
  • ACADEMIC RIGOR – With the early closure of schools this spring, concern about academic regression has never been greater. Will students be sufficiently prepared for the demands of the next school year?  Let the Tutor Shack help you avoid the usual “summer slide.”  Whether your child needs reinforcement of previous skills or is looking to gain a head start for the next school year, we can ensure a smooth transition into the 2020-2021 school year.
  • LEARNING COOL STUFF – Interested in learning how to analyze a poem with skill and confidence?  Curious about the science behind our world’s natural wonders?  Enjoy a stimulating, educational alternative to a summer spent staring at Netflix!  We offer instruction in a wide array of subjects, customizable to your interests, to build important skills and sharpen the mind.
  • FUN AND LEISURE – From coding to craftwork, from family tree building to film appreciation, from the history of fairy tales to fitness and far beyond, the Tutor Shack is offering a host of leisurely learning experiences this summer!  Learn a new card game, create a piece of art, or try your hand at acting. Our “fun and leisure” instruction is equally adaptable to children and adults and is guaranteed to add some excitement to your summer!
  • REQUEST YOUR OWN COURSE – If there is anything that you or your child would like to learn or experience, don’t be shy—ask us!  We welcome your unique requests.  Our tutors come from diverse backgrounds and have many specialized skills, so we will likely have someone on our staff who can create a summer program suited to your interests, no matter how niche!

Throughout the summer, the Tutor Shack will be here to support your family with fun, educational activities and programs, all from the comfort and safety of your own home.  Contact us anytime to learn more about our services and let us design the perfect online “Summer Camp” for your children (and for you, too)! 

Available Online Platforms:

FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and more!

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