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The Tutor Shack
The Tutor Shack is Montclair’s best educational secret! We have helped countless students turn their D’s into A’s.  We work with students of all ages and all educational levels!

Coronavirus Update

Are you feeling unsure about the uncertainties that the next school year may bring? Don’t worry, The Tutor Shack will be with you every step of the way! Whether school is held in person or online, our tutors have the expertise, the experience, and the adaptability to provide you with the academic support you need to excel. From kindergarten kiddos to high school students (and beyond!), The Tutor Shack is your educational resource!

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Montclair’s Best Educational Secret
We have helped turn countless D’s into A’s and have increased SAT scores by over 250 points (and ACT scores by over 5 points).

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