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Our Study Skills tutor covers a wide range of essential topics, such as English, Social Studies, Math, Science, and Foreign Languages, to help students become more effective learners, writers, and critical thinkers!

Be honest. Are you struggling to keep up with coursework? Are you crumbling under the weight of missed tests and deadlines? Does every day feel like an endless loophole of Mondays? Using school assignments as a springboard, our dedicated Study Skills tutors are here to help you crush your executive functioning challenges and get you on a path to excel in your studies!

Key Study Skills

Time Management:
Learning how to prioritize tasks, set realistic goals, and create a study schedule that maximizes productivity.

Note-Taking Techniques:
Mastering the art of effective note-taking to jot down key concepts, organize thoughts, and retain information.

Active Reading Strategies:
Enhancing reading comprehension skills and learning how to extract important information from textbooks, articles, and literary works.

Critical Thinking Skills:
Developing critical thinking skills to analyze information, evaluate arguments, and formulate thesis-driven opinions.

Stress Management:
Learning practical tips and techniques for managing stress, staying focused, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Goal Setting and Motivation:
Setting achievable academic goals and staying motivated throughout the school year.

Our Approach

We take on a Personalized Approach. Our tutor understands that every student is unique. They’ll tailor their strategies to match your learning style, goals, and areas for improvement.

Online Tutoring
This flexibility is ideal for students with hectic schedules who may not have time for traditional in-person tutoring sessions. Our virtual tutoring platform provides the same personalized attention and support as in-person sessions, allowing you to receive guidance from the comfort of your own home.

Tailored Strategies
There are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Our tutor collaborates with you to develop customized study techniques and organizational strategies that align with your preferences and goals. Whether you prefer intensive sessions or occasional check-ins, our tutor adapts to your needs.

Continuous Counsel
Our guidance doesn’t halt after we sign off the call. Our tutors offer ongoing feedback and support to help you stay motivated and focused between sessions. Whether you need clarification on a concept or guidance on improving your study habits, our tutor is there to provide personalized assistance whenever you need it.

Empowerment and Confidence
Through personalized support, you’ll not only improve your study skills but also gain the confidence to tackle academic challenges head-on. With our tutor’s guidance, you’ll develop the skills and mindset needed to succeed academically and beyond.

Our Testimonials

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A FinkleA Finkle
19:41 17 Apr 24
The Tutor Shack is such a gem. One stop shopping for any tutoring needs. In person or virtual, they could not be more accommodating. Our child has especially enjoyed working with Dan on honing his writing skills and bolstering his history knowledge. It’s made a significant impact and their conversations have stimulated such curiosity on a variety of subject matters. We can’t thank Dan and the Tutor Shack enough.
Jamie PlaistedJamie Plaisted
01:54 18 Mar 24
We had two daughters at Tutor Shack in the past 5 years.About Tutor Shack, it's perfectly organized caring and responsive. I've never felt like I can't get a question answered. Just super organized and caring.BUT also a huge shout out for Stephanie as a tutor! Our daughter got bumped up by Stephanie to top levels of ACT scores. She got 35 and 36 on her recent test in her weaker areas English/ Reading. We were ecstatic.
Ambrose AmoryAmbrose Amory
22:48 25 Jul 23
Thank you Steph and Fe for all of your help on the ACT!
beast yodabeast yoda
20:28 06 Feb 22
12:25 25 Sep 21
Tutor Shack in Montclair is A+++ !! Our son decided to take the SAT’s again in August and worked w/ Konstantine for Math and Allison for Verbal.. his score went up 110 points from his initial score - amazing!! Huge thanks to Rich, Josh & the Tutor Shack team 🙂
Min PiedeMin Piede
02:02 13 Sep 21
We strongly recommend Tutor Shack for homework and SAT test. We have been with Tutor Shack for over two years, first for homework and this year for SAT. What a difference Tutor Shack made to our daughter’s future! Tutor Shack helped her achieved the GPAs and SAT score that meet any college admission requirements. The tutors are passionate, professional, knowledgeable and very easy to make an appointment. The sessions are very effective. Tutor Shack/Rich is a compassionate individual and very considered whenever our daughter had healthy issues. We are extremely happy about the results and process of working with everyone in Tutor Shack. Choose Tutor Shack, this will be one of the best decisions you ever make for your children.
Meg Columbia-WalshMeg Columbia-Walsh
16:12 06 Aug 21
I have girl/boy twins that both went to Josh and the Tutor Shack for college test prep. My daughter took the ACT and my son took the SAT. Josh and team did a fantastic job helping them significantly improve their scores. In only a couple tries they were done. He is also helpful with subject tutoring like Math. I can’t say enough about how professional and disciplined they are. The communication is outstanding. The kids loved and respected them. They are the clear choice for college prep test tutoring!
Naureen U.Naureen U.
16:39 18 May 21
I was introduced to Tutor Shack by a friend and we have been very pleased with the results. We have used them in helping 2 of our son's.My eldest in his junior year couldn't figure out if he should take the SAT's or ACT's. He was flip flopping to figure out what would be better.We contacted Tutor Shack and worked with Josh. Our son decided on the ACT with his help. Josh worked with our son for a month before my son was scheduled to take the ACT. Josh said this would be a good practice run for him. He said our son would need more help and not to get too concerned if he has to take another test. Kids prep for 3-6 months before they show improvement.Not sure what Josh did but my son was very pleased with the results and is currently going into his junior year at YALE.When our 2nd son was entering his junior year we did the same.It worked once so why change it.I contacted Tutor Shack again and decided that our 2nd born needed to work with Stephanie. I spoke with her and gave her a rundown about my son's strengths and his weaknesses.And, with Stephanie's help he scored really well on his SAT. He was so happy and relieved. He'll be off to Princeton University this August 2024.Bingo, two down and one more to go.We will be contacting Tutor Shack again soon to help our daughter next.Can't say enough about Tutor shack.
Suzanne WeinbergSuzanne Weinberg
23:19 21 Nov 20
Best ACT Tutor! Josh was able to help my 11th grader get the ACT result he wanted in a thoughtful and efficient way (and while doing it all remotely). From start to finish, his method of organization and explanation is thorough and effective. Josh also works on math with my 8th grade son and has been able to provide him with a solid math foundation. He started tutoring with Josh when he was confused and frustrated. Josh has made him prepared and ready for his math class each week. Highly recommend for all levels and abilities.
David ShiffmanDavid Shiffman
22:32 18 Oct 20
Our experience with Josh and his team at Tutor Shack was outstanding. From our first introductory phone call on, the team was responsive, professional, asked questions to understand our goals and provided strong recommendations based on their years of experience. They also provided ongoing communications and feedback throughout. Equally important, the results of my daughter’s SAT tutoring with Josh and Allison were exceptional, as her SAT scores increased significantly. I would highly recommend Tutor Shack to anyone looking for tutoring help.
Diana SabloffDiana Sabloff
16:47 27 Dec 19
I am THRILLED with the quality, service and results of the Tutor Shack! Josh Kutchai and his team are passionate about helping students reach their full potential, and are truly kind, caring, wonderful human beings. They went above and beyond, working wonders to accommodate our family’s needs. They take the time to identify your child’s strengths and areas for development, and match them with the right tutor - not only for skills fit but also for personality fit. My son connected and listened to his tutors Ener and Mary, who both held him accountable in a supportive way. In under 8 weeks, he went into the SAT confidently and raised his score significantly. LOVE and HIGHLY recommend the Tutor Shack!!!
Marci GropperMarci Gropper
22:12 02 Dec 19
My two children have gone. Math and Physics. Great help for both kids and subjects. SAT prep killed it!!!!
Tricia GottliebTricia Gottlieb
16:18 17 Nov 19
We LOVE the Tutor Shack! Josh and his team are all extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping students reach their full potential. They are in the business of building confidence! It is clear they care about their students and it’s obvious by the results. I highly recommend for SAT/ACT prep but also any area a student may need to strengthen such as essay writing or test taking strategies.
Dori SedranskDori Sedransk
18:15 15 Nov 19
We are huge fans of the Tutor Shack. Josh is the most amazing SAT tutor - obviously smart, but also personable, professional, clever, and understanding. He just immediately understands what each student needs and gets them to perform to the best of their ability! The other tutors there are equally good - my son has gone there for chemistry, history, and math. Whenever he needs a session, he can usually get something scheduled right away. Highly recommend!!!!
Victoria ConteVictoria Conte
19:43 04 Nov 19
We were delighted with Josh and the Tutor Shack. My son had worked with a different tutor on the SAT. When he came home from his first session with Josh, my son said that he had learned more from Josh in one session than he had learned the whole time he had worked with the other tutor. In a very short amount of time, Josh helped my son raise his score on the ACT from a 32 to a 35. Josh was motivating without being a drill sergeant. Cannot recommend him enough!
Lynne TapperLynne Tapper
18:35 04 Oct 19
My son & I were extremely happy with The Tutor Shack and Josh Kutchai for SAT prep. Josh was great at providing my son with test taking strategies and established a strong discipline of assigning practice tests and reviewing his incorrect answers with him. Josh helped him understand why a certain answer was correct or incorrect, and was able to improve my son’s ability to gather the most important information from reading passages. Josh was able to recognize his weak spots and really helped strengthen them. Josh is clearly invested in the success of his students and it shows in the results - my son improved by over 200 points from his PSAT score, achieving a near perfect SAT score (he literally got only 1 question wrong)! I HIGHLY recommend Josh & The Tutor Shack!
Monica MinoreMonica Minore
17:39 02 May 19
Great ACT prep team! Josh and his team are excellent and accessible. Highly recommend them for ACT tutoring in Montclair. Thanks Josh!!
Rebecca JonesRebecca Jones
13:02 23 Apr 19
I highly recommend Josh as an ACT tutor. He is a next level tutor. He is warm, fun, methodical, and always available when you text him. What makes him truly extraordinary, though, is his life coaching and motivational skills. He really made my daughter think about what she wanted out of life and what she needed to do to get there. The results were far beyond our expectations. She knocked it out of the park! Once and done.
Satoko BlackSatoko Black
20:12 30 Mar 19
Truly happy with the Tutor Shack.Our daughter had Chris for SAT prep. He helped not only with increasing her SAT score, but also helped ease the stress of taking the test. Highly recommend the Tutor Shack!
Stephanie SalzmanStephanie Salzman
13:42 16 Mar 19
Can't recommend Josh Kutchai enough. It goes without saying, that he is a terrific SAT/ACT tutor ... the best around. More importantly though, we felt like he truly cared about our child and his success and well being. He constantly kept us in the loop and was a source of support, information and kindness to our son and to us as parents. I don't know what else you could ask for in a tutor!
Dayna BandmanDayna Bandman
02:23 01 Mar 19
The Tutor Shack is an exceptional place. The warm, relaxed vibe keeps stress to a minimum. My son worked with Josh to prep for the ACT and received the score he wanted. Josh’s positive encouragement and systematic approach truly produce results. We are more than happy with our experience and would recommend the Tutor Shack to everyone!
Carrie SiegelCarrie Siegel
22:53 21 May 18
Josh and his team of tutors are simply the best! From the first time I spoke with him by phone, I knew my daughter would be in good hands. Josh not only knows his "stuff," (SAT, ACT, Math etc.), but he also has a very comfortable rapport with his students that sets them at ease and enables them to achieve at the highest of levels. At Josh's recommendation, my daughter also worked with Mike on the challenges she was experiencing with timing in reading. He was outstanding too and we even added a few extra sessions with him right before my daughter's AP Lit exam. Josh and his team at Tutor Shack are wonderful and I could not recommend them more!
lara Dlara D
13:13 19 May 18
We highly recommend Josh and the Tutor Shack. He simply is the best! My child's SAT scores improved over 250 points. He really understands different learning styles, he keeps the kids motivated and his methods simply work. Plus he is funny and relaxed so the kids really like him, making the overall process less stressful. For the parents, he is super professional, accommodating and just a wonderful resource for any tutoring needs your family might have. Well worth it!
Susan LawlerSusan Lawler
12:49 24 Apr 18
Josh and his team at Tutor Shack are outstanding! The key to Josh's success is really making a connection with High School kids. Josh helped my son feel very confident - he not only worked on the skills he needed but also the positive, composed attitude he needed the day of the test. We have had two children work with Josh, in both cases the boys raised their scores by multiple points and exceeded the goals they had set for themselves. My son has decided to look at more competitive schools based on his recent ACT scores. Worth the time and money!
Anjali GuptaAnjali Gupta
12:11 15 Nov 17
Josh has mastered the skill of teaching all kids to test at the top of their ability. Working with tutor shack ( versus other courses) is preferable as we found it to be more efficient, flexible with time and caters to your individual child's needs. He keeps your kid in the game which has become essential in this crazy competitive world.
Carolyn NiemannCarolyn Niemann
17:47 26 Oct 17
This place is fantastic. We had done SAT prep with our older kids, one through a group tutoring method, one with a private one-on-one tutor, and most recently with our youngest, two full rounds of tutoring at a different group test prep center. By far and away, The Tutor Shack has exceeded our results with any of our kids by any of these other methods. The tutors know how to get to the essence of the test prep, and Josh, who is a great teacher himself, knows how to match the right tutor with the individual child. Scheduling was easy and flexible, and the communication between the tutors and us as parents has been great. Our son improved his SAT score 170 points from his last attempt after working for only a short time with The Tutor Shack! We couldn't be happier with our results and feel it was a fantastic investment of time and money.
Becca HirataBecca Hirata
23:18 10 Oct 17
I highly recommend The Tutor Shack! Josh and I worked on my ACT prep for two months and improved my score by 6 points (from a 27 to a 33)! Josh is extremely thoughtful, dedicated, and efficient. He understood my specific needs and adjusted the lessons so that I could gain as much knowledge and practical experience as possible. On top of that, he helped me with my confidence and mental preparation for the test without any stress. I couldn't recommend The Tutor Shack highly enough!
Theresa GiarrussoTheresa Giarrusso
15:14 10 Oct 17
We highly recommend The Tutor Shack. This is not a one-size fits all place. Josh will talk with you and help you figure out a plan for your teen. We have turned to Josh and his team for study skills, organization and time management skills, SAT single subject prep and SAT and ACT help. All of his tutors have been helpful and professional. My daughter has enjoyed working with all of them. We were thrilled with SAT single subject test scores and are hopeful for SAT and ACT. We will continue to use Josh and his team for all of our kids.
Jennifer DresslerJennifer Dressler
22:09 27 Sep 17
Josh did a great job for my daughter. We originally did a reputable online course, but the results weren't as we hoped and going into senior year,my daughter's confidence was shaken. Josh helped her regroup and redirect her efforts by identifying that she might do better with the ACT rather than the SAT. Despite having limited prep time before the ACT (about 4-6 sessions), my daughter went into the test feeling good and her results exceeded expectations!
Karen RKaren R
02:23 26 Sep 17
I HIGHLY recommend The Tutor Shack! Josh worked with my son on ACT prep, and his score increased by several points. Josh was extremely knowledgeable and had a special way of connecting with my son. Not only did he teach him the skills needed in order to improve but gave him confidence, as well. Josh really cares about his students and is very accommodating!
elizabeth r koenigelizabeth r koenig
13:21 20 Sep 17
It is with great pleasure that we write this review for Josh Kutchai and the Tutor Shack. Josh was highly recommend to us from a few different people and our daughter was fortunate to work with him for about 6 weeks prior to taking the ACT for the third time. Josh was extremely open, professional and engaging. He quickly understood our daughter's personality and learning style. He was able to use this knowledge to keep her focused and motivated to work, even during the summer. He was extremely accommodating with our schedule and always made time to answer all of our questions. We are both teachers and truly appreciate how Josh taught to our daughter’s strengths, instead of following a generic lesson plan. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, she raised her test scores considerably. We would, without hesitation, recommend Josh and the Tutor Shack.
Colin JacksonColin Jackson
14:10 16 May 17
We love Josh and The Tutor Shack. Josh tutored my older son for the ACT, and his score improved 5 points. Currently he's tutoring my younger son, who has so far improved 4 points, and we expect another point or two on the next exam date. Josh's method, materials, and staff of excellent tutors (we've also seen Arian and Heather) have made an enormous difference for my sons. Josh has great intuition and the ability to tailor his teaching methods to best suit each student. My boys have very different learning styles, and Josh was able to help them both achieve their goals. He cares deeply about his students, and is a great communicator. I can't praise him enough
Annabelle ZebrowskiAnnabelle Zebrowski
00:27 08 Mar 17
Could not be happier with my children's experiences at the Tutor Shack. Josh and the other tutors helped not only my kids achieve the ACT scores that they needed in order to be accepted into incredible universities, but also provided them with valuable test taking skills that they can use in the future. Josh is very flexible with his scheduling and always made sure to accommodate my children. All three of my kids have very different learning styles, and Josh was able to help each of them. I would highly recommend using the Tutor Shack.

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